Lindsay Lohan reaches out to celeb pals for epic birthday plans

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In the world of bizarre tweets, Lindsay Lohan just topped it.

Let me set a scene for you – Lindsay Lohan was probably walking along the beach in her new home in Mykonos and had moment where she thought: “This all too quiet? Whatever happened to the good old days?”

The good old days meaning rocking up to hot Hollywood clubs with gal pals Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in tow, sporting hot outfits and causing absolute havoc amongst the hundreds of paparazzi there to capture a glimpse of the hot young and famous trio.

With Lindsay’s birthday weekend looming, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to reunite with her old party pals! It’s been awhile (almost 20 years), but hey, the love is still there!

Lindsay went on to write this tweet, calling out to Brit and Paris to join her for her birthday. But she didn’t stop there. She reached out to the biggest star on the planet to join in. None other than Queen Bey herself.

But Lindsay was unstoppable with the tweets. She wants it ALL back. The fame, the notoriety, and the movie roles.

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Mean Girls was Lindsay’s biggest film to date, apart from her cute Disney film Parent Trap, so she’s come up with the most genius plan.

The actress posted a plea on her Instagram account for actress Emma Stone to join her in bringing a sequel to the big screen. To prove a point, she made a collage of the two together to reveal their similarities, and also added hilarious hash tags to hit the comedy actress’ funny bone.

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But there’s a few flaws in Lindsay’s plan:

1. Given that Emma isn’t on social media, it’s unclear how or if the Easy A actress will see the request.

2. Lindsay failed to mention that there is already a Mean Girls 2 movie out there. Oops.

lindsay lohan

Lindsay’s wishes will just remain tweets, since Britney is on an world tour for her Piece of me show, Paris is DJ-ing somewhere, and we all know that Beyoncé is at home with her newborn twins. So this has no realistic possibility of happening.

But can you just imagine it? A Mean Girls 2 that people will actually watch AND the OG girl gang getting back together in sunny Mykonos?! We’re hopeful.

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