Is Emma Stone the Taylor Swift of the acting industry?

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Same but different. Taylor Swift and Emma Stone at the premiere of Easy A. Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

I’ve been mulling over this for a while now, so it’s obviously worthy of discussion. I think that Emma Stone might be the Taylor Swift of the acting industry. Whether that means high praise or shots fired to you, hear me out.

The two stars were besties for years after they met in 2008. They did cute activities like get ice cream together, have sleepovers, and had many a bonding sessions. Emma even went to Taylor’s 4th of July parties. But they’ve drifted apart in the last few years. Maybe because they’re too similar.

Here are 13 reasons why my theory is definitely right.

1. Child stars who relocated with their mothers for a chance at fame

They were both child stars who knew what they wanted to pursue from a young age. Taylor started musical theatre lessons when she was 9, while Emma did the same for 8 years. They both began working in their fields at a young age.

In their teens, they both moved to bigger cities with their mothers to pursue their careers; Taylor moved to Nashville while Emma moved to Los Angeles.

taylor swift
Make me a star mom. Credit: Giphy


2. From young fans to universally cool

At the start of their adult careers, their fans were mostly young tweens and teens.

taylor swift
So cool you guys. Credit: Giphy

But in 2014, Taylor ended the fairytale fantasy she had manufactured and entered reality. She left country music, amassed a fanbase of older fans, and became universally cool with her pop album 1989.

taylor swift
Meta. Credit: Giphy

Similarly, around 2014, Emma started acting in comparatively serious films like Gangster Squad and Birdman. She went from a cool teen to a raw, edgy, serious actor.

emma stone
Not for children. Credit: Giphy


3. A pivotal moment of public embarrassment

Both Taylor and Emma had pivotal moments in their careers when they were publicly embarrassed and shamed, but they both used these experiences to fuel them into becoming bigger and better. For Taylor, it was that famous Kanye West interruption at the 2009 MTV Awards.

taylor swift
Incredible. Credit: Giphy

She bounced back years later with this.

taylor swift
Nice try? Credit: Giphy

For Emma, it was when she was cast as an Asian-American in the 2015 film Aloha, despite having zero asian heritage. Her character Allison Ng was an air force pilot who was a quarter Chinese and a quarter Hawaiian but had red hair and looked fully Caucasian. She was supposedly based on a real person with all the same qualities. Regardless, no more whitewashing please.

emma stone
“She can pass as Chinese right?” Credit: Giphy


4. Wildly acclaimed and successful

There’s no denying they’re both crushing it in their fields. Emma has been in countless films and won the Oscar for Best Actress for La La Land.

emma stone
City of Starrrrs. Credit: Giphy

Taylor has won pretty much every music award on the planet, multiple times. She has 10 Grammys!

taylor swift
Times a thousand. Credit: Giphy


5. Dating history widely publicised

Ok this one’s applicable to most celebrities, but people are particularly interested in Taylor and Emma’s dating lives. Emma’s relationship with Spiderman costar Andrew Garfield was widely publicised – which they took advantage of by advertising charities.

emma stone
Not the face. Credit:

Taylor is infamous for talking and writing about her exes. The list of her exploits include but are not limited to: Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, Harry Styles, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Connor Kennedy.

taylor swift
Isn’t it ironic? Credit: Giphy

Cue the bitter hate songs.

taylor swift
Another one bites the dust. Credit: Giphy


6. Spunky everyday gals

They both have plain, average, everyday personas who are a bit edgy and spunky. They are girl’s girls but also hang with the boys too.

emma stone
“Omg that’s so me.” Credit: Giphy
taylor swift
“That’s so me too!” Credit: Giphy


7. Overdoing it with the humbleness

“Omg, I can’t believe this is happening to me!”

You mean after years of training and hard work, proof of a wide set of talents, and the support of a big network of family, friends and industry professionals, you still can’t believe you’re winning an award? Yeah nah.

taylor swift
? Credit: Giphy

There’s something about overdoing it with the humbleness that makes it turn into a humble brag. As if they’re saying: “I’m kind of annoyed that I’m successful because, like, I can’t keep up with it because I’m just a normal person like you are.” No you’re not.

emma stone
Samesies. Credit: Giphy


8. Similar fashion sense

Emma and Taylor have been known to wear similar clothes at the same time. Among the common items are diamond earrings shaped in their initials, tonnes of blazers, beanies, colour-blocked skirts, and dresses.

emma stone
Who wore it better? Credit: Getty Images
taylor swift
Seriously, who wore it better? I can’t tell the difference. Credit: Splash News


9. Similar background

Emma is 28 while Taylor is 27. Both their fathers are successful businessmen and both their mothers are homemakers.


10. They both sing and act but are so much worse in one of them (shots fired)

Sorry not sorry to disagree with the majority but Taylor’s acting and Emma’s singing are not my fave. The feeling I get is the same as when Pierce Brosnan sings in Mamma Mia. Make it stop. Double threat? Only if it’s a threat to good taste. Shots fired. Trigger warning.

Taylor’s part in Valentine’s Day was so cringe. Swifties look away! Seems like her body roll skills have improved though.

taylor swift
Please stop. Credit: Giphy

I’m gonna get slightly controversial here. Emma may have won an Oscar La La Land, but was it the acting more so than the singing that did it? And did ‘Audition Song’ really have to be a contender for Best Original Song?


11. Distinctive voices

Emma Stone had colic and nodules as a child, which resulted in her trademark husky voice. Taylor Swift’s voice is distinctive because, well, it’s drilled into our brains by the one million songs she’s made billions on. It’s also so…pointed.

taylor swift
Popstar level: Piercing. Credit: Giphy


12. Both natural blondes

This one’s pretty self explanatory.

emma stone
Blondie. Credit: Giphy


13. Bonus reason: the colour red

This one’s a bit silly but still valid. Taylor’s favourite colour and first pop-orientated album is named Red, which is the colour Emma had to dye her hair to get her big break in Superbad. (Whaaaaaat?!?) Emma Stone’s dyed red hair became a trademark look for her and it took a few years before she went back to her natural blonde colour.

emma stone
Superbad. Credit: Giphy

So there’s 13 (omg Taylor’s fav number! Coincidence?) pretty solid reasons for my hypothesis. I bet there’s plenty more too.

So do you think Emma Stone is the Taylor Swift of the acting industry?


What do you think?

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