Miss Multiverse Ukraine; Alyona Smirnova, Crowned Miss Multiverse 2019
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Miss Multiverse Ukraine; Alyona Smirnova, Crowned Miss Multiverse 2019

Miss Multiverse is a personality contest and Reality TV program that stands for; “Achievement Beyond Beauty”

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, December 19, 2019 Miss Multiverse Ukraine; Alyona Smirnova was crowned Miss Multiverse 2019 at the Theater of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

The 7th edition pageant and 5th edition Reality TV series “I am Multiverse” this adventurous and challenging contest among 22 international contestants from 22 nations took place at the five stars, all inclusive Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana and will be broadcasted Q2 2020

Miss Multiverse 2019; Alyona Smirnova won many challenges during the 3-week world finals of Miss Multiverse such as Last Woman Standing, Business Challenge, Charity Challenge and did great at many more. She was crowned by Miss Multiverse 2018 Diana Kubasova from Latvia.

Host and moderators; Liinda Grandia, founder and CEO Miss Multiverse hosted and overlooked the 3-week events and Reality TV series. Yolandi Franken, franchise director for Australia and Film/ TV producer served as her right hand and overlooked the diverse challenges. Diana Kubasova former Miss Multiverse and beauty entrepreneur was part of the team overlooking the contest.

This elimination-style competition seeks to find the most multi-talented and capable among a group of women from different countries whom were tested & challenged in a new format never seen before on television; testing their leadership skills, social capabilities, athletic performances and more as we get to know each contestant through challenges and triumphs leading towards the opportunity to become an official Miss Multiverse Top 10 model and find the ultimate winner of the Miss Multiverse crown.

The new season of this popular Reality Show & Competition was filmed in the Hard Rock Resort Punta Cana. Miles of white soft sand, crystal clear water, and swaying palm trees define the areas of this picture-perfect tropical paradise. Ramona Haar, Filipina international jewelry designer, designed the Miss Multiverse Crown 3 years ago.

Throughout the MISS MULTIVERSE Reality TV series, the international contestants competed in diverse challenges and adventures. After a 3-week intense contest held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana and 3 elimination rounds and a semi-finals the size of the group was reduced to the top 10. This Top 10 were subjected to even greater challenges and tested on their basic human skills and endurance.

The TV series “I am Multiverse” is now in its 5th season and is aired in the USA, Latin America and will further expand this year through Asia and Africa. Content will be delivered to millions of fans and users through 40 Multi-Concept Engagement platforms provided by FilmonTV and RealityTVprograms.com. The organization is in conversation with diverse international TV networks for broadcasting.

Miss Multiverse Ukraine; Alyona Smirnova, Crowned Miss Multiverse 2019
Miss Multiverse Ukraine; Alyona Smirnova, Crowned Miss Multiverse 2019
Miss Multiverse Ukraine; Alyona Smirnova, Crowned Miss Multiverse 2019
Miss Multiverse Ukraine; Alyona Smirnova, Crowned Miss Multiverse 2019

Final Results:

THE WINNER: Miss Ukraine: Alyona Smirnova (Awards: Miss Charity – Miss Business – Last Woman Standing)

1st RU Miss Italy – Alice Veglio (Awards: Miss Social Media – Miss Debate)

2nd RU Miss Moldova – Aliona Chitoroaga (Awards: Miss Friendship – Miss Networker)

3rd RU Miss France – Nadiya Karplyuk (Awards: Miss Positivity)

4th RU Miss Latvia – Kate Alexeeva (Awards: Miss Photogenic)

5th RU Miss America – Shelby Howell (Awards: Miss Intelligence)

6th RU Miss Iceland – Disa Dungal (Awards: Miss Fitness)

7th RU Miss Peru – Karen Isabel Rojas (Awards: Miss Entertainment)

8th RU Miss Russia – Aygul Zaripova (Awards: Miss Catwalk)

9th RU Miss Belarus – Kseniya Osovitskaya (Awards: Miss Bikini)

10th RU Miss Canada – Mina Khtaria
11th RU Miss Belgium – Josephine Charlotte Lecluyse
12th RU Miss Poland – Doris De Palo
13th RU Miss Finland – Kateriina Juselius
14th RU Miss Lithuania – Karolina Karalaite (Eliminated)
15th RU Miss Germany – Maren Tschinkel (Health Issues)
16th RU Miss Spain – Desiree Hampton (Eliminated)

Never made it to the contest:

Miss China – Yuan Zhenzhen
Miss Kazakhstan – Bibamariyam Duisebekova
Miss Romania – Anastasia Cova
Miss Zambia – Matildah Maymuna
Miss Czech Republic – Lenka Josefiova
Miss Mexico – Georgina Vargas

The Miss Multiverse organization thanks all sponsors:

Head Sponsor: Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana.

Other sponsors and partners:
Ramona Haar Jewelry – Coco Bongo Punta Cana – Magna Motors – Aqua Park, Downtown Punta Cana, Miss-Sjerpen.nl – Macao Surfcamp – Caribbean Traveling Network – FilmonTV – Escapology Punta Cana – www.marinacaribe.com – Sling Shot Boogies at Hard Rock – Dominican Tree House Village – Kelly tours @kellytoursdr – Ministerio de turismo @mturismord – Grupo RANVINCOR S.R.L @paintballparkrd – Dana Designs Italy – Make Up @olga.montilla

Yolandi Franken, Diana Kubasova, DJ Christian Azar, Randy Guerrero, Ruddy Perez, Olga Montilla


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