Alyssa Milano announces the Charmed feud is officially over

alyssa milano
The Power of Three. Credit: The CW

Alyssa Milano appeared on Daily Pop on E! News today and declared that the feud between her and Charmed costar Shannen Doherty is finally over for good.

For anyone who’s been living under a rock, Charmed was a show about the three Halliwell sisters who lived together in San Francisco, had names starting with “P”, and were also witches who saved the world on a daily basis. It ran from 1998 to 2006, incorporating different half-sisters and cousins, and had this killer theme song.

Doherty played the telekinetic oldest sister Prue Halliwell who worked as an appraiser for an auction house. Prue dated a cop, who was always investigating the strange crimes happening in the city before the witches secretly saved the day.

Move. Credit: Giphy

Doherty quit the show in 2001 after tensions rose between her and Milano. Maybe this was because Milano played the youngest sister Phoebe Halliwell, who was the black sheep of the family and fell in love with one of the most powerful demons of all time.

*sharp inhale* Credit: Giphy

Phoebe had the passive power of premonition, so did less cool things on set and was constantly bossed around by Prue.

Stop daydreaming about the future Phoebe. Credit: Giphy

Meanwhile, Holly Marie Combs played middle sister Piper Halliwell, who could freeze and explode objects, people, and supernatural beings with her hands. Piper was also an awesome chef who owned a banging nightclub. She also married Leo, their whitelighter (a guardian angel for good witches) who would often teleport them to crime scenes by orbing them and could also heal them.

Boom. Credit: Giphy

So obviously, Milano became dissatisfied because Phoebe sucked and Prue was the most powerful and “attractive” one. But more importantly, Doherty and Combs had a close friendship for 10 years prior to Charmed which often left Milano out. Awkies.

Star of the show. Credit: Giphy

To fill the void that Doherty left, Rose McGowan joined as half-sister Paige Halliwell, who was half-whitelighter. This means that she had the normal witch powers with all the spells and the potions, but she could also teleport herself and other things and people by orbing them.

You missed. Credit: Giphy

Kaley Cuoco also starred in one season as Billie Jenkins, a telekinetic college student who was guarded by Paige. Cuoco is now a star on The Big Bang Theory, moving from the paranormal to science.

What is that outfit? Credit: Giphy

As of today, the Charmed feud is officially over. Milano stated in her interview on Daily Pop that she and Doherty have been DM-ing regularly on Twitter (whoa). They even plan to meet up – and soon.

“I think we’re just at ages now where what happened 15 years ago […], it’s now irrelevant,” she said.

Milano said that time has healed the wounds, and with her experience of motherhood and Doherty’s battle with cancer, they’ve changed as people.

“I’m so happy that she is feeling well. And I prayed for her everyday that she would feel well. And I can’t wait to see her,” Milano said happily.

Wouldn’t it great if the original cast of Charmed got back together for a reunion? For real guys, don’t fight ever again. Don’t forget that the Power of Three will set us free. But it’s been so long. In the words of the theme song: “I’ve already waited too long, and all my hope is gone”.

Name a more iconic trio. Credit: Giphy

There are many reasons why Charmed is an iconic show but we just wanted to remind you of a few highlights.

1. Fashion

The hairstyles, clothes, and makeup were sooo 90s/early 00s. Charmed fashion was adventurous, carefree, and sexy. Take note.

Bossy Prue Vs Reckless Phoebe. Credit: Giphy
No. Credit: Giphy

2. Bands

Charmed had heaps of bands playing in Piper’s club P3, including Dishwalla. Scenes with live bands were also featured in other shows like The O.C., who had performances from The Killers, Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, The Subways, and Rachael Yamagata.

3. Boys

Cops, models, demons, neighbours, handymen – you name it. The boys (and girls) were wild for the Halliwell sisters. And they always teased each other for it. Piper and Leo got caught canoodling many times and Paige was pretty frisky too.

Caught. Credit: Giphy
7 minutes in heaven. Credit: Giphy
Bad timing. Credit: Giphy

4. Golden Gate Bridge

Hey, it’s San Fransisco! Shots of the Golden Gate Bridge split the show into parts, but it was the best when character got stranded on the top of the bridge. Characters also casually met up there (Wtf? Only Charmed could do that).

Good Vs Evil. Credit: The CW
Paige scaring her boyfriend. Credit: The CW

5. Hilarious vanquishing scenes

The vanquishing scenes were hilariously overacted. The faces pulled by the baddies as they died were priceless.

There are no words. Credit: Giphy

6. Character phases

The Halliwell sisters often went through phases, whether it was self-inflicted or caused by a curse. Like when Paige turned into Daria or when Phoebe was a mermaid.

Daria? Credit: Giphy
alyssa milano
Water is the essence of beauty. Credit: The CW

Charmed was such a great show. It’s awesome the on-screen sisters are finally at peace with each other. They’re keeping busy too! In particular, Milano will be on the next season of Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later.


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