Rock and rap join forces to stop the Jenner sisters

jenner sisters

We need no reminder that Kylie and Kendall Jenner are the hottest fashionistas in Hollywood. They dictate what’s hot, what’s not, and what will soon be trending. Thanks to their fame of a combined 177.6 million followers, they can turn literally anything into a hot fashion accessory!

Exhibit A: who could get away with ripped booty jeans but Kylie?

Jenner sisters
Credit: Kylie Jenner Instagram

Included in their extended wardrobe is the girls’ penchant for vintage rock tees. This year, we’ve seen Kylie and Kendall turn oversized 80’s rock legend tees into hot, shredded works of art.

Jenner sisters

This inspired Kendall and Kylie Inc to brainstorm a way to bank in on this trend. What they came up with is a line of shirts that merged images of the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Biggie, Tupac, Metallica, Kiss, and The Doors with images of the girls themselves (at $125 a pop of course).

Jenenr sisters
Credit: Kendall+Kylie website

When did the Jenners add “rockstars” to their long repertoire of successful business ventures? It’s also quite humorous, considering that Kylie hasn’t picked up a guitar in her life and Kendall made this cringe-worthy comment:


Jenner Sisters
Credit: Kendall Jenner Twitter

This is a step beyond, though. The move has music royalty shook and they are NOT laughing. Many scathing comments as come as a result of these rocking tees, including a seething Instagram post from the always outspoken Sharon Osbourne, wife and manager of Ozzy Osbourne, AKA Prince of Darkness.

Jenner sisters
Credit: Sharon Osbourne instagram

Shortly after the hip hop side of this music war was known, after Voletta Wallace, mother of rap genius Notorious B.I.G, let her thoughts fly on her Instagram. She shared a image of the t-shirt slashed, with a message letting fans know that The Notorious B.I.G estate did not approve the plagiarism.

Jenner Sisters
Credit: Volette Wallace Instagram

Finally understanding that this was a MAJOR fashion faux-pas, The Kylie and Kendall camp removed the t-shirts from their website. This statement was issued on behalf of Kendall and Kylie:

Credit: Kendall Jenner Instagram

Kylie and Kendall’s misstep is just the one of the problematic business decisions that have been plaguing Jenner brand lately. Who can forget that awful Pepsi commercial that Kendall signed up for?

Hopefully the girls have learned their lesson. Some things are meant to be sacred, like great music and the legends who created it.


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