Ashley Annaca wins Miss Multiverse Australia 2018
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Ashley Annaca wins Miss Multiverse Australia 2018

The winner of Miss Multiverse Australia 2018 Ashley Annaca, will be featured as lead character of the Reality TV Show – I Am Multiverse – Australia

Ashley Annaca was crowned Miss Multiverse Australia 2018 at the breathtaking awards night held at NIDA Playhouse.

Ashley Annaca wins Miss Multiverse Australia 2018
Ashley Annaca wins Miss Multiverse Australia 2018

One thing we know about a beauty pageant. The contestants are all beautiful; but other than that, the bar has been set very low. Unlike traditional pageants, Miss Multiverse Australia is a mix between Next Top Model, The Apprentice, and Survivor. To reach the finals, contestants conquer each-other in daily challenges to score above the line and the losers¨ are eliminated one-by-one¨. This unscripted TV reality and elimination style competition is bringing the stakes in pageantry to a whole new level.

Miss Multiverse Australia 2018 Challenges
Miss Multiverse Australia Challenges

The Australian version of Miss Multiverse was introduced in 2017 by the producer and lead character Yolandi Franken seeking for the most talented women in Australia. The winner of the first season became Gabrielle Keaton who reached Second-RU at the world finals. The second season 2018 commenced with thousands of applicants from across the country and by means of eliminating the competition narrowed down to the best regional contenders. Over the past few months, the remaining participants were tested and presented with challenges to overcome. The competition by means of further eliminations selected the official top 10 contestants.

The final setting of this competition took place in Sydney.

The top 10 outstanding contestants were taken to the luxurious Motifex Mansion and lavishly treated to many surprises and gifts of which some were from Super Amazing Jewellery and Just Lashes. To top it all off, classy outfits and fancy dresses were provided by Sophia and Co, spoiling the models to something special.

With the grand final show on stage approaching, contestants are now expecting a regular pageant with beauty, dresses, fun, and games; only to find out, that this is the most extreme part of the competition.

The first stage of the competition provided a glimpse of the contestant’s characters. But this final stage is the one that reveals what they are truly made from within. This is where the ultimate winner is found. Says, National Director, Yolandi Franken.

For nine days the contestants are put to the test with a mix of planned chaos, psychological mind games, tough physical activities, performance and singing, IQ and general business test, health, and fitness testing, are some of the challenges cleverly designed to generate spontaneous TV reality and to bring in-and-out of focus the contestant’s genuine personalities as the stories unfold.

During their online interviews with the international judges, contestants expressed that this has been a ¨mind opening¨ journey of the likes they never experienced before. Words such as inner strengths, unknown potential, self-discovery, personal growth and, unforgettable where used to describe their experience.

Selecting among 10 highly qualified contestants is no easy taskfor the judges. But this is a competition and only one can become the winner. The final tests tipped the bar back and forward. but It was the very intense fitness day, organized by Green Frog Adventures, that had the girls in tears. While some thrived and managed to complete it all, some models were not up to the challenge. Not surprising though that it was another group of models triumphed in the IQ test.

Ashley Annaca on stage during the finals of Miss Multiverse Australia
Ashley Annaca on stage during the finals of Miss Multiverse Australia

Ashley Annaca performed extremely well in challenges across the board and accumulated the highest scores; in addition, judges were thoroughly impressed by her level of fitness, stamina, mental and emotional strength, business antics and modeling skills. Tom Gay and Hiwa Motifex were the main judges for the National Finals, alongside Yolandi Franken and a big group of supporting judges.


Ashley Annaca on stage during the finals of Miss Multiverse Australia
Ashley Annaca on stage during the finals of Miss Multiverse Australia


Miss Multiverse Australia is a contest that looks for modern women that are not only beautiful but also excels on all levels. Ashley captured that perfectly.

As the winner of Miss Multiverse Australia Ashley Annaca will go to the international grand finals at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. The Dominican Republic. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana hosts the World finals of Miss Multiverse since 2013. The reality show ¨I Am Multiverse¨ now on its fourth season is hosted by Linda Grandia CEO of Miss Multiverse and Mariana Verkerk Show Producer.


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