Miss Multiverse Italy 2019. Alice Veglio is one of the most established beauties in Italy and internationally. She is an influencer, blogger and personal trainer followed by hundreds of thousands of followers.

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Miss Multiverse Italy 2019. Remarkable Interview on National Television RAI

Alice Veglio. Miss Multiverse Italy 2019

Italian National Television RAI Interviews Alice Veglio a Beautiful Italian Business Woman in the fitness industry is the newly crowned Miss Multiverse Italy 2019

Here is an interview of Alice Veglio. Contestant of Miss Multiverse 2019 and will be representing Italy in the upcoming season of the reality TV Show. She is featured in PageantFame, Missosology, PageantFame as an international model, personal trainer and social media influencer.

Italian National Television RAI Interviews

Alice Veglio is one of the most established beauties in Italy and internationally. She is an influencer, blogger and personal trainer followed by hundreds of thousands of followers.

She lives and works in Dubai. Alice Veglio, 24 years old, is a girl that makes beauty the vehicle to transmit and communicate well-being and positive values. Recently she received an important recognition. 

Alice says: “last week I received one call totally unexpected! I was crown Miss Multiverse Italy!! “ 

Miss Multiverse is my favorite international personality contest, one of the most important in the world in which in addition to Beauty and aesthetics are also evaluated intelligence, business skills, values and physical abilities and this is what makes it so special.”

From a little town in Italy to Dubai the path is not so easy and obvious…

“it was a long journey for me, I would say not easy at all but I was able to prove my determination and motivation to go on and reach my goals.”

The love for Dubai was born three years ago when for the first time I went there on vacation. I immediately fell in love with this dynamic and active city.

After a series of internships with institutions, a double university degree and important internship for government offices finally Alice found stability building in Dubai her own company (her fitness program online) and cooperating with Dubai Government for new projects related to health and sustainability.

Alice, how do you use social media? 

Alice says: “for me social media represent the most powerful means of communication. I realize that so many girls follow me and take me as an example and it’s for that reason that I try to always share positive values.

I have launched my fitness program online to give added value to girls and show them how to follow an healthy, positive and successful lifestyle. I use social media as a place where people can find something more than just nice pictures.

I love to give people concrete tools to live better, I love to share my knowledge, determination and unconditional love for life. I want to help them to boost their confidence and become a better version of themselves”.

About Miss Multiverse

The coveted Miss Multiverse 2019 competition will begin November 28 to December 20. At the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. I am sure this Stunning beauty from Italy already has a good fitness strategy in mind to compete against the other contestants whom are also very athletic.

To become the winner of Miss Multiverse you almost have to reach super woman hero level. You have to be Super Fit, and not only a Super Smart Woman but also very clever. Miss Multiverse Women are like the living version of Marvel Studios Hollywood female Super Heroes.

Lets look at this a bit closer. Alice Veglio an Awe-Inspiring Italian woman that has been committed to make beauty her vehicle to transmit well-being and positive values with her fitness programs is a good example of the mindset and skills of the contestants participating in the Miss Multiverse Competition and the empowering message they transmit as we follow their preparation leading to the world finals, their victories and defeats.

BUT… will Alice Veglio have what it takes to be The Last Woman Standing? This competition literally lasts until the last woman taps out during an intense military style boot-camp for women that is claimed to be the hardest ever seen in beauty competitions.

Thanks to my sponsor Dana Designs Italy for supporting me during this journey.

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