Roxy Jacenko’s husband is released from prison

roxy jacenko
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Roxy Jacenko’s disgraced husband has been released from Cooma prison today, and his wife was nowhere in sight. Oliver Curtis emerged from the prison and seemed shocked by the amount of reporters crowded on the cold street. He was whisked away in a black Range Rover after telling reporters that he just wanted to get home.

The PR princess met Curtis at the airport, where she was waiting with the kids for his arrival. It was an emotional reunion for the family, with Pixie and Hunter calling out “Daddy! Daddy!” from their private plane.

Roxy recently revealed that she told the kids that their dad was in China on business. She also said that the couple’s daughter, Pixie, had a calendar counting down the days until her dad returned from his “business trip”.

Curtis was convicted of insider trading in June last year, after it was revealed that he’d scammed $1.4 million, which he spent on luxury items and holidays. He was sentenced to two years in jail but has been released after only a year due to good behaviour. Some people are furious about the leniency.

But only time will tell how comfortable his time outside of the prison walls will be, with the troubles of the past year looming large. Roxy, who was diagnosed with breast cancer while her hubby was in jail, has been dogged with rumours of martial unhappiness in recent months.

The Sweaty Betty PR boss hasn’t been photographed wearing her ring in months, and has claimed that the ring interferes with her weight-lifting program at the gym. Riiight.

Damningly, Roxy was seen kissing her ex, millionaire property developer Nabil Gazal in May. Although the photos are quite ruinous, Roxy has so far declined to comment on the matter.

roxy jacenko roxy jacenko

Roxy has said she won’t be throwing a party for her returned hubby, but we hope there’s a lot of celebration to welcome Oliver back into the public eye.


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