It’s National Selfie Day and no-one’s holding back

national selfie day
Credit: Ellen DeGeneres/Twitter

Let us all sit here for a moment and congratulate ourselves on being the generation that gave the world the eternal gift of the selfie.

Then let’s sit here for another moment and consider whether that was really a gift or a curse.

On the one hand: making our Instas look flash as hell and showing off anything we want to brag about.

On the other: the seemingly interminable regime of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and their legions of store-brand imitators.

Such is the depth to which selfies are integrated into our hearts and minds that there is now an official National Selfie Day, and no-one is holding back in celebrating it.

Let’s face it, people didn’t need another excuse to take selfies, did they?

I can’t pretend selfies don’t drive me a bit mental sometimes with the extent people go to for them, but you can’t deny that people get pretty committed to the craft. Tributes for National Selfie Day have been flooding in from all corners.

Most of them are pretty standard fare to be honest. Some (or more) are even a little bit stomach-churning from the critical levels of vanity. Okay, no…not getting dragged down that road.

Thankfully, to the yin must come the yang, and thankfully there are some people who are seeing the funny side of the whole thing and generally making the world a better place. God bless you.

What is important to remember on a day like this is that no matter how many people may buy into crazes like this to a frankly psychotic degree, there are always good people out there who will call them out and put the smiles back on our faces. They’re like ice-cream trucks on hot days, but with infinitely less self-absorption.

And as a last hurrah for this most confusing of celebrations, let’s give a tip of the hat to that Oscars photo from 2014. Whatever your opinion on selfies, you can’t deny that was a pretty cool thing.


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