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Christmas is coming, and so is the onslaught of holiday parties where you have to look your best. If you’re worried about how you’re going to look your best and impress your friends and family throughout December, we’ve got you covered. Watching Absolutely Fabulous has practically made us fashion (victim) experts, so we know exactly what to do and what to avoid. Between Eddy’s extravagance and Patsy’s continuity, we’ve selected the best lessons to be learnt from Ab Fab so you can look absolutely fabulous.

Make sure your clothes fit

Whether you’re an Eddy in denial about the fact that you’re larger than you used to be, or a Saffy in denial that you’ve got a shape at all, Ab Fab can teach you. The lesson in the contrast of this mother/daughter pair is the importance of clothes that fit. Eddy often complains about her weight, but often it’s her choice of baggy or too-tight clothing that is unflattering. Saffy dresses in over-sized and outdated clothes that make her look frumpy and do nothing for her figure. Ab Fab is telling you to make sure it fits so you look your best!

absolutely fabulous

Find your own style

You can be Patsy and stick to your signature style through your whole life, knowing that it suits you and flatters your figure. Or you can be Eddy, picking and choosing your style on the hottest trends you’ve seen in the magazines or the most expensive labels you can buy. Either one is a solid choice, as long as you stick to your guns and like your look.


Patsy infamously said that “You can never have enough shoes” and that is a true motto of her Ab Fab character. Her shoes are always towering high and usually sharply stiletto, and always dress up her outfit. Patsy is a great lesson in party dressing, showing that shoes will always complete an outfit. You don’t always have to follow her advice on shoe height, but you’ll stand out at your Christmas parties if you do.

Make time for your hair

If Patsy’s consistent hairdo can teach you anything, it’s that your hair can define your look. A well-groomed hairstyle will make you look classy and elegant, even if your outfit isn’t totally on point. In the newly released Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, Eddy gets her hair professionally done before parties, which is a tip to take down for the holidays. Even if you’re wearing the same old thing, a new hairdo will make you look fresh and give you confidence. 

absolutely fabulous

Confidence is everything

As Eddy has proved multiple times throughout Ab Fab, you can wear anything you want as long as you’ve got confidence. Sometimes she looks like she’s gotten dressed in the dark, but she and Patsy both know that they can pull anything off with the right amount of confidence. Eddy gets her confidence from the knowledge that she’s wearing expensive labels, but Patsy is the one to emulate.

absolutely fabulous

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