Up Your Beauty Game With These Ingestible Products

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While you already have an ongoing collection of beauty products to help maintain your skin, hair and nails, drinking or digesting products may be the latest way to achieve a flawless glow. From hair serums and hair masks to nail hardeners, you’re doing everything you can to ensure long lasting beauty. Yet, sometimes, you may need a little extra help to meet your beauty goals, because who doesn’t dream of thicker hair, stronger nails and lovely radiant skin? Ingestible skincare aims to boost beauty from the inside, out. These nutrient-dense powders, tablets and drinkable supplements help brighten your complexion, make your hair grow longer and fast and strengthen your skin. Here are four ingestibles that will help you perfect all of your beauty needs.

1) Collagen Protein: For those of you who didn’t know that it was possible to consume collagen, this new protein product may come as a welcome surprise. The ingestible and upgraded collagen is said to provide the necessary nutrients to perform tissue repair as you sleep. It is said to promote skin hydration, prevent wrinkles and maintain supple and smooth skin. 

2) Phytophanere Dietary Supplement for Hair Nails: If you have thin hair, and weak nails, then this daily supplement is your solution. With the combination of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, your hair is said to regain its shininess and thickness.

3) Genuine Health Dermalipid Perfect Skin Softgels: If dry skin is a big concern, then this internal moisturizer is you’re go to. Said to result in radiant, youthful and supple skin, this will help your daily struggle of dry skin. The softgels are said to provide strength to the epidermal wall, maximizing hydration by keeping water on the inside.

4) Moon Juice Beauty Dust: This supplement can be added to tea, coffee or a smoothie, and is said to promote healthy skin as a result. Created with organic goji, pearl and organic stevia, this formula claims to encourage a glowing complexion from within. 


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