Would You Wear Pom-Pom Makeup?

Photo: veganunicorngirl on Instagram 

Although pom-poms are well-known as essentials in the world of crafts, these artsy supplies aren’t just for the creative kindergartener anymore. Taking a leap from the classroom to the vanity, pom-poms have now inspired the latest makeup trend. Quickly making waves on Instagram, pom-pom makeup features boldly adorned eyelids. Decorated with none other than the fuzzy materials, these eye makeup looks are certainly not for the minimalist.

Naturally, pom-pom beauty involves a bevy of bright colours. From vivid green to tangerine orange, the pom-poms are gently arranged around the eyelid area. For an eye-catching finish, some beauty addicts are even turning to colourful mascara and bold liquid eyeliner. Meanwhile, swoops of bright blue and pink eyeshadow can elevate playful pom-pom accents to entirely new heights.

If you’re on your way to a summer music festival or a Friday night party, you can easily update your everyday makeup with a few strategically arranged pom-poms. For a vivid finish, you can further revamp your eyes with yellow eyeliner and or tiny decorative stars. Try taking a look at these examples from Instagram, before jumping headfirst into the pom-pom trend for all your Summer 2017 fêtes.

Photo: tinkyaraya on Instagram 

Photo: joy_czechrepublic on Instagram 


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