Would You Experiment With Polka Dot Eye Makeup?

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In the past couple of seasons, all manner of eyeliner trends have surfaced and made a splash in the world of beauty. From bold cat eyes to vibrant neon shades, it’s clear that eye makeup has been elevated to entirely new heights. However, the latest whimsical eyeliner trend takes the classic line of eyeliner, and transforms it into a series of polka dots.

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Also known as dotted eyeliner, the look of polka dots can easily bring a vampy touch to your usual eye makeup. If you’re a fan of moody dark tones, try outlining your eyes with a strategic scattering of tiny black dots. Arranged around the upper eyelid, dark eyeliner dots can transform you from an everyday beauty to a rebellious vixen. Meanwhile, adventurous makeup lovers can turn to dark grey eyeshadows, in order to create the perfect smokey eye.

Photo: _baked_goods on Instagram 

For a change from brooding tones, turn to springtime pastels as an alternative. If you’re looking for a more eye-catching take on the trend, light green, blue and white dots can instantly brighten your lids. Instead of a thick series of dots, consider an assortment of thin, tiny polka dots. Accent your beauty statement with a double coat of mascara, and skip the heavy eye makeup for a festival-ready look.

If there’s a birthday party on your social calendar, you can also turn up the glamour factor with rainbow-coloured confetti eye makeup. Accessorize a stripe of inky liquid liner with purple, pink and red dots spread across your eyelids. Whether you’re ready to party or simply soaking up the makeup trends of the season, your newly adorned lids are sure to make a bold first impression.


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