Pastel Lips Get A Weird New Twist With Eccentric Colours

While pastel lips are commonly spotted in shades of pink, the trend of the soft yet vibrant spring pout has now spread to unconventional colours. Whether you’re personally a fan of vivid orange or find yourself captivated by sky blue, there’s no shortage of weird and wonderful lip colours for Spring 2017. Just in time for the change in the weather and party season, take a glance at these wild runway lip looks which just might change your beauty routine.

Thom Browne

For the truly adventurous makeup junkie, the Thom Browne catwalk just might offer some inspiration. Although dark blue lips caused a sensation earlier this year, Thom Browne showcased models with chalky, powder blue pouts. The light blue colour is certainly best left for the evening hours, as this funky and futuristic hue may not the best fit for the office.

Jason Wu

At Jason Wu, tangerine lips reigned supreme, with the pastel orange tone lighting up a bare visage. If you want to sport a similar punchy shade, stick to a single coat of mascara and moisturized, fresh skin. Paired with minimalist eye makeup and a youthful, healthy complexion, the orange lips instantly brought images of Popsicles to mind. Suiting the season, take your beauty cues from the iced summertime treat, and prepare to light up backyards everywhere with your smile.  

Maison Margiela

Icy lavender made a grand appearance at Maison Margiela, where avant garde vibes were the look of the day. A touch of shimmer brought a frosty touch to the lipstick statement, which can offer a change from a no makeup look. Whether you decide to turn up the glamour factor with defined smokey eyes or allow the sparkling pale purple lips to speak for themselves, this is a colour choice for the true beauty rebel. 

Photos: Vogue Runway 


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