Get A Sugar Rush At These Toronto Dessert Spots

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If you’re a city slicker, chances you’re hustling or hurrying from your office to the gym, however with the summer weather here there’s nothing wrong with indulging with an extra few calories now and then. From sumptuous chocolate desserts to everyone’s favourite frozen dessert, Real Style has curated a few leading dessert spots in Toronto. Whether you have an incurable sweet tooth or you’re simply in a mood for a sugar rush you may want to consider some of these options.  

Sugar Marmalade

Sugar Marmalade has become a popular dessert place over the past year. Their dessert dishes vary from pancakes to sundaes, panna cottas, puddings and more. Their recipes are inspired by desserts from Hong Kong, with a range of dishes which include ingredients like durian, soya beans, lychee, taro and black grass jelly.  As Toronto is a diverse and cosmopolitan locale with numerous ethnic offerings, Sugar Marmalade certainly fits the city’s palate. If you’re into trying new multicultural foods and also have a sweet tooth, then this Asian inspired spot may be worth a visit. 

Junk Food Co

Many of us have a soft spot for junk food, and Junk Food Co’s main goal is make delicious tasting junk food. This Queen Street West destination offers everything from pizza to ice cream. With a focus on creating aesthetically pleasing ice cream, Junk Food Co manages to put a spin on the classic treat of summertime. 

Sweet Jesus

Known for primarily ice cream, Sweet Jesus is quickly getting a reputation for its beautiful-looking desserts and unique toppings. This Canadian ice cream shop offers soft serve cones, in addition to espressos, lattes and tea. Whether you want to take an Instagram snap of a towering multicoloured cone bedecked with sprinkles or simply satisfy your sugar cravings, Sweet Jesus claims to bring ice cream to an entirely new level. 

Peace Treats

If you’ve never heard of Peace Collective, they are a Canadian brand that provides clothes which show off Canadian pride. Inside their flagship store they have a milkshake bar, with intricate shakes which are created with ingredients like cotton candy, sprinkles, chocolate chips and cake. 


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