Beach Reads To Check Out For Summer 2017

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With balmy temperatures here, avid readers can officially enjoy their favourite summer titles in the great outdoors. As the sun shines and Summer 2017 lies ahead of us, there’s nothing quite like a perfect book for a relaxing weekend afternoon. Whether you’re at the cottage or simply on your front porch, try picking up a lighthearted beach read in lieu of serious subject matter. We’ve compiled four new titles which may whisk you into a summer adventure within the pages.

The Identicals: A Novel by Elin Hilderbrand, Little, Brown and Company: This new tome tells the story of twin sisters Harper and Tabitha Frost, who have completely different personalities and lives. While Harper is low key, Tabitha is a sophisticate with lavish tastes. The sisters have been apart for ten years living on two different islands, but later switch places with the hopes of bringing their family together. With Harper residing on Martha’s Vineyard and Tabitha on Nantucket, it’s sure to be a story of sisterhood, love and finding yourself. The book hits the shelves on June 13.

The Beach at Painter’s Cove: A Novel by Shelley Noble, William Morrow Paperbacks: In Shelley Noble’s new read, four generation of females in the Whitaker family find themselves reunited at the Whitaker mansion in Connecticut. The ladies in the family include matriarch Leo, actress Jillian, museum exhibit designer Issy and young Steph. The women reunite to take care of their property, and while they find themselves clashing, they just might be coming together. The book is released on June 13.

Beach House for Rent by Mary Alice Monroe, Gallery Books: In Mary Alice Monroe’s latest title (which is out on June 20), a young artist named Heather moves into Cara Rutledge’s beach house on the Isle of Palms. However, Cara’s property soon turns into an adventurous setting for Heather, who finds possible romance on the island. She also develops a strong friendship with Cara, despite the age difference between the two protagonists.

Until It Fades: A Novel by K.A. Tucker, Atria Books: In this new romance novel, protagonist Catherine Wright is a waitress and the single mom of a five-year-old. Catherine lives in the sleepy small town of Balsam, and is in for a twist of fate one night when she rescues hockey icon Brett Madden. When she and Brett discover that there is chemistry between them, a tale of unexpected love kicks off. The book is slated for release on June 27.

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