Unicorn inspired food is the magical treat you need

Get ready for Unicorn-Inspired Foods
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The Unicorn trend has been making the rounds on social media for a while now, so you’ve definitely come across unicorns and unicorn inspired goods while scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook news feed.

Unicorn inspired
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Who doesn’t love the glitter, pastels and happiness that unicorns inspire?

There are a lot of unicorn-inspired everyday life gadgets like slippers, onesies, and even lamps! They add a little glamour to a normal day and help you to get through the working week with a big smile on your face.

Get ready for Unicorn Inspired Foods
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You’ll simply forget about your bad Monday morning mood when drinking your coffee out of a lovely unicorn mug, with its tiny heartwarming smile, while you warm your feet in a pair of fluffy unicorn slippers.

Get ready for Unicorn Inspired Foods

If you can’t get enough of the mythical magical creatures, here are some unicorn inspired foods that look like they’ve come straight from your colourful dreams. With a wide range of beautiful rainbow colours and shapes like hearts and stars, these hearty meals and magical treats almost look to good to eat!

1Unicorn latte

2Unicorn cake

3Unicorn donuts

4Blue unicorn soup

5Unicorn noodles

6Unicorn hot chocolate

7Unicorn toast

8Unicorn macarons

9Unicorn milkshake

10Unicorn Cookies

11Unicorn cupcake

12Unicorn inspired rainbow bagel

13Unicorn ice cream


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