Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino is happening

Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino is happening
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This week Starbucks released the Unicorn Frappuccino for a limited time, having already been hyped massively on the internet ever since it was announced. And it might be the most exciting and prettiest Frappuccino of all time, as it changes colours and flavours if you stir it with the straw.

The drink has a mango and cream base and starts out purple with a sweet and fruity taste and pink and blue topping. After mixing it, it changes to pink and tart and then turns out as a sour blue drizzle. The chain explained that the colourful beverage was inspired by the trend of unicorn-themed food that has been around social media for some time now. And with over 109,600 tags for #unicornfrappuccino on Instagram, the hype has become real!

‼️NEW #UnicornFrappuccino from @Starbucks available TOMORROW (4/19)‼️ We got inside access to this new magical drink with flavor profiles going from sweet to sour as you sip! ?: A pink, mango, creme Frappuccino with sour blue drizzle, sprinkled with pink and blue topping. #UnicornFrappuccino

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Umm have you guys tried the new #unicornfrappuccino at @starbucks yet? It’s kiiind of amazing, flavor changing ?? and only around for a limited time! ???

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Unfortunately not everyone is a fan of the Instagram-worthy fancy coffee-free drink. Especially Starbucks barista Braden Burson, who had to speak his mind about the new Unicorn Frappuccino. He took to Twitter on Wednesdaywith a video in which begged people to please not order the popular drink.

“I have never made so many Frappuccinos in my entire life,” Braden says. “My hands are completely sticky, I have unicorn crap all in my hair and in my nose. I have never been so stressed out in my entire life.”

As you’d expect, the Starbucks barista explains that the Unicorn Frappuccino is really difficult and time-consuming to make. He asks that people think of him and fellow baristas: “If you love us as baristas, don’t order it. It is so difficult to make it.”

Well Braden is lucky because the Unicorn Frappuccino can only be purchased in the USA, Canada and Mexico, and will only be available until April 23. So, the hard times for Starbucks baristas should be over, soon!

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