Breaking Bad To Return As A Virtual Reality Experience

If you didn’t get enough of Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, and the rest of the Breaking Bad team as it aired over the course of 5 seasons and 62 episodes, you might just be in luck. The series could be returning in virtual reality.

It was announced yesterday that the creator of the show, Vince Gilligan, is teaming with Sony’s Playstation to create a non-game, virtual reality experience that will be based on the show. What that exactly means they aren’t saying, nor are they releasing any information on which talent will be a part of it. All that is known is that Gilligan is intrigued with the idea of using virtual reality as a storytelling device and is looking forward to experimenting with the platform. At this time the series won’t be a live action video either, as production using those tools are not yet available. The show will be made using computer graphics of some kind.

This isn’t Sony Interactive Entertainment’s first foray into making more than just video games. In 2015 they released Powers, which was their first scripted original program. It was cancelled after two seasons.  Sony’s VR headset was released in October of last year, and while there are only a limited amount of games available for it at this time, it is something the company plans on expanding. 



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